The Baldock Mail was a not-for-profit community magazine, produced 6 times a year for the people of Baldock in Hertfordshire.

After 41 years, it’s goodbye!
It is with much regret that we decided that the December 2018 issue of the Baldock Mail would be the last. Many factors led us to the conclusion that the time is right to stop.

It was quite a difficult decision; partly financial and partly due to the change in demographics. Many people no longer shop locally but order food, clothes etc online, only go to local pubs and restaurants occasionally, so don’t buy a copy of the Mail.

We were picking up so many unsold copies that we had to reduce the print run on several of the last issues. If we'd reduced the print run further it hardly seemed worth doing, along with the finances not working out. The printing costs were, of course, our main outlay; although advertising paid for a large part of the costs, we still relied on the money received from donation boxes which had declined in recent years.

Given the fact that we have been doing this for 41 years, it is obvious that we will not be able to do it forever! So we took the decision to stop now, whilst it was still our decision to take.

We still had a little money in funds and rather than run it down completely, the decision to stop means that we have been able to divide it between the Arts and Heritage Centre and the Community Centre. Both of these are there for the benefit of the whole town and surrounding villages.

So, thank you all very much for your support over the years: it has been fun and we’ve all
enjoyed being involved.